We are blessed to be veterinarians in this era. The technology at our disposal is far more advanced than even a decade ago.

Our x-ray equipment is a perfect example of this leap forward. Direct digital radiology (x-ray) is the newest and most advanced method of radiology and Family Veterinary Hospital is proud to be able to offer it to our clients and their pets.

Direct digital radiology is also safer for your pet, and our staff, because there is less radiation exposure involved in the procedure. Film developing of traditional x-rays also require the use of potentially dangerous chemicals, and digital x-rays eliminate the use of chemicals. Digital radiographs will never degrade because they are computerized, and we can even make a copy for you to take home to review on your home computer. In the event that a second opinion is needed, we can send our radiographs directly to a board certified radiologist via email, ensuring a more timely delivery than conventional mail. All of direct digital radiology’s benefits combine to give Family Veterinary Hospital the ability to make the most accurate diagnosis for your pet.

Because x-rays don’t always give us the answers we need, there are times when the doctors will recommend an ultrasound. This imaging tool is a powerful, non-invasive and relatively inexpensive way to get a real-time, moving picture of your pet’s insides. Used primarily for abdominal or cardiac illnesses, ultrasounds allow us to look inside your pet and perform organ biopsies that would otherwise require surgery. Ultrasound is especially useful when used as a diganostic tool for aspirating fluid in the body cavity or around the heart. It is also used to diagnose pregnancy in pets and the viability of the fetuses.

Should this diagnostic test becomes necessary for your pet, Family Veterinary Hospital can call in a board certified radiologist to do the study. Results are usually ready within 24 hours. In situations when an ultrasound study needs to be done as soon as possible, our doctors will refer you and your pet to a specialty hospital.

At Family Veterinary Hospital, we have one of the best blood chemistry analyzers available. When your pet is sick, you want results quickly – and we as doctors want to start a tailored treatment for your pet’s illness as soon as possible. When it comes to your pet’s health, nothing is more important than an accurate diagnosis. Our laboratory makes that possible.