Like us, our pets feel pain and discomfort. Recognizing and alleviating pain in your pet is the essence of good patient care. Family Veterinary Hospital uses advanced pain management protocols to keep your pet comfortable and pain free before, during and after surgery – or whenever your pet is in pain. At Family Vet we have want to offer as many treatment options as possible and have chosen to provide our patients the multiple benefits of LASER therapy,  Acupuncture and Stem Cell therapy.


We will always send home anti-inflammatory pain medications after any painful procedure, such as carprofen (Rimadyl), meloxicam (Metacam) or deracoxib (Deramaxx). We also use a number of medications that act to block pain as additional relief. As with our anesthesia protocols, each patient is treated individually to meet their needs and minimize suffering. Our doctors are skilled at performing epidurals when needed as a powerful pain relief measure.


Our class four cold LASER is an FDA approved therapy that helps relieve pain and stimulates the healing of wounded tissues. LASER therapy is safe, painless and many of our patients fall asleep during treatments. It can be used for conditions ranging from easing chronic arthritis pain, speeding the healing of wounds and surgical sites, skin and ear infections and even abdominal problems such as colitis and bladder conditions. We’re eager to use this cutting edge technology to help your pets – call us for a consultation and demonstration.


Acupuncture is a treatment of inserting needles into specific points on a pet’s body to  influence the nervous system. Treatments usually consist of an initial consultation with needling to treat the problem areas identified. The severity of the problem(s) will help determine the treatment plan, usually starting with 3-4 sessions. Many times we can use a single acupuncture treatment as an adjunct for acute illness such as gastroenteritis to help your pet recover quicker.

Dr. Liz Lawrence has completed accredited training and certifying exams for medical acupuncture. Dr. Liz is eager to discuss the benefits it may have for your pet.
Acupuncture therapy should be considered for:

  • Nerve function disorders
  • Conditions of pain e.g. arthritis, muscle sprains, back disc disease
  • Inflammation

Additionally some general conditions that are treated include:

  • Skin problems
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, diarrhea)
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Animals undergoing athletic training e.g. agility dogs may have enhanced performance with regular treatments.


Aside from routine preventative care, the majority of illnesses or injuries we see in our pet patients are fortunately readily treated on an outpatient basis. If however a pet is in need of more intensive care, such as IV fluids, we are able to hospitalize for day treatment. Our in house diagnostic capabilities allow us to determine the best treatment plan quickly.